Our Process



Whether starting from clone or seed, our plants all go through the same process before they reach patients.  Immature plants all start in the Vegetative room where they receive 18 hours of light per day.  They are moved under varying intensities of light, and are shaped until they are mature and large enough to begin flowering.  Once they have reached the desired size, they are up-potted into containers of Coco-Coir and are moved into a flowering room where the receive 12 hours of light per day.  They continue to get shaped and trellised to ensure plant health, light exposure, and maximum production.  Once they are ready for harvest, the plants get flushed of all nutrients for a minimum of 7 days. 



After weeks of care and growth, time for harvest has arrived!  Plants are cut down at the base and are taken to the trim room.  The entire plant is weighed, and broken down into manageable branches.  Fan leaves are stripped off, and the branches are hung in our curing room to begin the drying process.  The plants are dried slowly for about a week, and once ready are taken down and the flower is bucked from the stems.  The trimming process now begins by hand trimming every flower and removing any excess stem or leaves.


Curing and Packaging

Once harvested, our flower cures for a minimum of 4 weeks.  The flower is put into curing containers with a cannabis specific humidity pack and is "burped' and rolled daily.  This process cannot be rushed! Once the flower is cured, it is sent off to a licensed testing lab to ensure it meets the highest of standards. After passing all tests and getting cannabinoid levels, the flower stays in a curing phase until an order is placed from a dispensary.  The flower is then weighed and placed in air- tight medicine bottles.  The bottles are labeled for the purchasing dispensary, sealed with a tamper evident band, and boxed up for delivery!  We then deliver the package to the dispensary, where it is ready for purchase by registered patients.